CCLI Institutes are customized learning over several days that focus on overall school improvement. Systems and schools are guided through the school improvement process in a creative and exciting atmosphere. Leadership, team building and goal setting are just a few of the topics that can be incorporated into an institute.  Each institute is developed based on the needs of the system or the school. Researched-based best practices are communicated as well as modeled. The goal of each institute is to help the school reach it’s potential by developing an action plan for implementation. Ongoing support it offered for institute participants through Connected Classroom.  

What Institute Participants Have Said This Past Summer:

#CommitInspireLead - August 2017  

“Breaking up and working in teams on our school’s data made it easier to envision how we could use what we learned in the future.”
“I felt the group work and coming together with ideas was very beneficial. I think you do great! I love how even on our down time you always have a video showing for us. Thank you!”

 June 2017 Leadership Institute Getting Focused: From Diagnosis to Action

 “Having the “time” and “hands-on” opportunities to work directly with my school/team and our school’s data is awesome! Having productive time to collect, collaborate, goal-set is great! I really appreciate the opportunity with such a successful program (Christel)!!”

“Having the extended time to work with our team to develop constructive goals for our school. Christel thought of everything! Loved how cheerful and engaging she was!”  

“Being able to go from data analysis to setting focused goals. Really dissecting the problem area and developing a plan.”

“The personalized attention Christel gave us to create our goals.”

“Mini lessons with significant time on task to collaborate and apply learning, correct misunderstandings, and stimulate excitement and teamwork.”

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