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Customized Professional Development

Christel-Clear Learning Innovations (CCLI) is a full service professional development company for K-12 educators. We support public and private schools from large districts to individual schools with customized professional learning based on the needs of the students and teachers. Our needs assessment process identifies the greatest area of need through data analysis and educator reflection. Our comprehensive packages support schools in developing system-wide goals for student achievement along with a pathway to reach those goals. Our solutions include onsite professional development with ongoing communication with an instructional specialist using the Connected Classroom online platform. Christel-Clear Learning Innovations takes school improvement a step further and incorporates strategies and CCLI Connect Videos to increase communication from the school to the home environment. Families learn how to connect with their child’s learning through exciting activities, games and strategies that are demonstrated in a three to five-minute video. Whether your need is for a one-time specialized training or you need an elaborate professional development package to support the growth of many schools, CCLI can help you reach your vision for student success.

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