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Connected Classroom

CCLI helps educators stay connected to an ever changing, fast-paced world through Connected Classroom. The mission of this online platform is to provide the busy educator with innovative solutions to everyday classroom challenges in a fast, efficient manner. Connected Classroom consists of the following three features: Cyber Coaching, Teacher Talk and My Courses.

Do you ever just want to ask a trusted educator a question to help you solve an issue but you do not know where to turn?

Cyber Coaching: a private messaging system where educators can communicate directly with an instructional specialist, ask questions, and receive support strategies for student achievement.

Are you overwhelmed with all the resources out there to help teachers but confused on what really works? Not sure where to find free resources for your specific needs?

Teacher Talk: a forum highlighting resources that every teacher needs, links to hot topics and cool free stuff along with creative solutions to common school challenges.

Are you too busy to leave your classroom to participate in professional learning? Does finding and preparing for a substitute teacher seem overwhelming? Would you like to learn more about how to support student learning but need to fit the learning into your schedule?

My Courses: online professional learning for the busy educator. Select a topic you want to learn about, watch videos, read and review key resources, implement the concept and strategies, complete a reflection and a quiz to earn in-service points.

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