Connected Videos

Our goal is to support learning by building communication between the classroom and the home environment through exciting games, strategies, and activities. CCLI Connected Videos speak to the classroom teacher as well as to the parent. Each video focuses on one concept. That concept is modeled as a game, a strategy or an activity. Each video includes ways to modify the learning experience for both struggling learners and students that need to be challenged. The educator is encouraged to implement the engaging experiences in the classroom and then forward the video email to parents. Families are able to see what is occurring in the classroom, and they have a fun way to practice newly learned material at home. The videos make it easy to implement. The emails are ready to go with an additional written activity card for review. The email system also tracks who is watching and opening the resources. It is as simple as watch, play and forward! Contact us today for a listing of topics and packages. Custom videos can be made based on the school's academic need.

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